Next-Gen Analytics

Wednesday, June 12th

1-2PM ET

Inform your liquidity management and capital allocation

Are you struggling to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your credit union’s loan portfolio? Where should you be deploying more capital – and where should you be deploying less?  Can you explain to your board of directors how each of your asset classes, indirect programs, and Fintech partnerships is contributing to your institution’s overall return?  How many basis points above Treasuries are you receiving on your indirect loan portfolio?

If you have difficulty answering any of these questions, join us for a transformative webinar, Next-Gen Analytics: Inform your liquidity management and capital allocation, on June 12th, 2024.

LoanStreet’s experts will explain how to harness cutting-edge analytics tools and strategies to uncover the actual performance of your loan book.  The webinar will open the door to a skillful, data-based approach to liquidity management and capital allocation.

Webinar highlights

Portfolio Analytics for Liquidity Management: You will see how our analytics can help you project cash flows, predict when principal will be returned, optimize CECL reserves, and estimate future interest income. With these insights, you can precisely budget and implement changes in underwriting standards or capital allocation strategies.

Comparing Asset Classes: We’ll go deep into how to compare direct vs. indirect lending; used vs. new auto loans; unsecured loans vs. HELOCs; and more. With the help of actual data and case studies, you will learn how to identify healthy and profitable product lines – the first step toward improved capital allocation strategy.

Forward-Flow Arrangements: Analyze and evaluate the performance of your indirect and forward-flow partnerships with third-party originators.  Answer the crucial question: is your forward-flow arrangement still serving your institution and its goals?

Participation Analytics: Understand how each of your participations is contributing to your institution’s bottomline and improve your decision-making around participation purchases.


Doug Callahan

VP of Data & Analytics

Ian Lampl

Co-Founder & CEO

Todd Aspell

Senior Vice President - Finance
Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union