Buyers can find new opportunities to fit their needs faster than ever.

NEW YORK, NY— April 11, 2023 — LoanStreet Inc., the leading platform for loan sharing, reporting and analysis, announced the release of its enhanced Marketplace, where buyers can efficiently survey available inventory offered by LoanStreet’s network of selling institutions.

“These new Marketplace enhancements make it easier than ever for buyers to identify opportunities quickly and efficiently,” said Ian Lampl, co-founder and CEO of LoanStreet. “Given we are seeing some liquidity return to the market as well as the availability of funding through the Fed’s new Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP), we expect the new functionality to enhance our customers ability to manage their balance sheets with greater agility.”

LoanStreet automates the data aggregation process across multiple participation partners using the same Weighted Average Remaining Maturity methodology used by the NCUA, allowing balance sheet managers to recalculate CECL reserves on a monthly cadence and avoid quarter-end surprises.  

Key enhancements to LoanStreet’s Marketplace include:

  • An improved Marketplace experience, showcasing a curated list of the most appealing opportunities
  • New sorting and filtering capabilities on criteria including asset class, yield, credit score and term, helping buyers quickly discover the most relevant transactions
  • Direct access to due diligence information to accelerate the decision-making process and the submission of indications of interest within the LoanStreet platform

Bringing together a network of over 1,300 financial institutions, LoanStreet’s Marketplace is the leading destination for credit unions, banks and direct lenders to buy and sell loan participations in the U.S.

LoanStreet’s Marketplace maintains a wide range of consumer and commercial asset classes. For example, within commercial real estate, the LoanStreet Marketplace offers unique opportunities, from short-term bridge loans with attractive yields to pre-funded term loans, allowing buyers to take part in the transaction from inception. 

Through the Federal Reserve Bank’s BTFP, depository institutions, including credit unions, can borrow from the program to measurably improve the performance of their loan portfolios through purchasing a loan participation, versus investing in a lower-yielding investment such as a Treasury or Agency security. 

About LoanStreet

LoanStreet is the first fully integrated, online platform that streamlines the process of sharing, administering and analyzing loans for credit unions, banks and direct lenders. Our mission is to provide the most efficient, transparent and robust suite of tools for financial institutions to manage their balance sheets, connect with partners and effectively share risk. More than 1,300 financial institutions rely on LoanStreet to access a nationwide network of lenders and investors, track the performance of their loan portfolios, and more profitably grow and diversify their balance sheets. 

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