Built for the modern loan market

The LoanStreet platform makes managing your loan portfolio easier. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell loan participations, ease monthly reporting bottlenecks, analyze the performance of your loans, or start or scale your commercial and corporate lending business, you can select from our array of solutions that best meet your needs.

Commercial & Corporate Servicing

Streamline, automate and scale your lending operations. Record and service bilateral and syndicated commercial and corporate loan portfolios through an automated, modern platform.


LoanStreet automates the delivery of consolidated financial and regulatory reports without requiring additional resources, ensuring accuracy, transparency and timely delivery of key information for you and your partners.​


LoanStreet’s technology-enabled marketplace provides a centralized, transparent location to buy and sell loan participations. Institutional diligence, pool pricing and loan-level details provide the information you need to trade with confidence and satisfy regulatory requirements.


Gain actionable insights into loan, pool and asset-level performance, including prepayment speeds, cumulative charge-offs, detailed income analysis and more. Track your overall performance with portfolio-level analysis to best adapt your loan trading strategy.​

Customized to your needs, with quick and easy onboarding

Whether you’re looking to integrate your existing loan participation program or build one with our turnkey solutions, we will work with you to ensure your institution is getting the most out of our platform.

Getting started on the LoanStreet platform is simple and free. Our customer success team is available to guide you through the onboarding process. Once registered, you can freely browse, analyze and bid on loan pools you see in our trading marketplace.