A marketplace built for efficiency​

LoanStreet provides unparalleled access to a broad loan sharing network of financial institutions. With nationwide coverage, diverse offerings and unique market intelligence, you can build and scale your loan participation program by leveraging our technology platform and capital markets expertise. Buying, selling and managing loans has never been easier.

The widest offering of loans available​

The LoanStreet Marketplace is the leading loan participation platform where balance sheet managers can view, buy and sell consumer loan pools and commercial loans, providing exceptional options for reducing concentrations and improving diversification by geography, credit quality and asset class. With new loans coming online regularly, you can quickly find what you need to scale your loan participation portfolio and diversify your balance sheet.

Smooth, transparent transactions​

LoanStreet leverages a standard agreement – now, the most widely-used agreement in the industry – across all trades, significantly reducing the time spent negotiating contracts and allowing deals to close in days, rather than weeks or months. From deal discovery, to pre-sale due diligence, deal closing, post-closing reporting and analytics, our platform streamlines the entire process so you can stay focused on executing your portfolio strategy.

Your capital markets strategic partner​

With decades of capital markets experience, LoanStreet’s Trading & Execution team can help you achieve your balance sheet goals by:

  • Creating the best pools for your needs as a seller, whether you are looking to maximize proceeds, gain on sale or something else.
  • Providing best pricing. With our fingers on the market’s pulse, we know where yields need to be.
  • Matching buyers and sellers of every loan product, allowing you to sell what you want and buy what you need.
  • Creating bespoke opportunities via Forward Flow or Reverse Inquiry, leveraging our network of sellers to create a custom participation pool suited to your balance sheet’s needs.
  • Structuring financial solutions between LoanStreet’s users and non-bank originators, asset managers and insurance companies.
  • Digging deep into data to evaluate how your loans are performing.

Drive your own loan trading strategy

By utilizing the LoanStreet Marketplace, you gain access to:

Personalized assistance

Our dedicated sales team will help with onboarding your existing portfolio and launching new opportunities.

Active marketing

We connect potential buyers and sellers with deals based on their purchase history and our proprietary market data.

Detailed analytics

Receive accurate month-to-month, rolling, and constant prepayment rates, including CPR or ABS methodologies, as well as delinquency rates, IRR, and other loan analytics.

Complete transparency

We provide detailed information on sellers as well as their loans on our platform, enabling you to make informed decisions before you buy.​

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