Automated reporting for consumer and commercial loans

LoanStreet automates and distributes regulatory-compliant, monthly investor reports for consumer and commercial loans to buyers and sellers of participations and whole loans, ensuring all parties have access to the information they need. Our automated reporting streamlines the entire process for your institution, covering accounting entries, regulatory entries and other forms of financial performance reporting. 

CECL for Loan Participations

Discover our new CECL solution and learn to analyze your participations like the rest of your loan book.

Consolidate your loan portfolio

Create a single end-of-month process across all of your transactions and loan types by consolidating your existing loan sales or purchases whether participations or whole loans into the LoanStreet platform. With our reporting tools in place, your institution can rapidly scale your loan portfolio strategy with confidence and clarity.

Simplify regulatory compliance

LoanStreet’s regulatory and GAAP-compliant reports allow you to stay ahead of CECL requirements and respond to compliance requests with ease and is specially tailored for the complexities of purchased loan portfolios where premiums, discounts and ever-changing loss rates need to be managed across many partners. Automated, detailed accounting and financial reports can be sent directly from our platform to ensure the timely delivery of necessary information.

Cut costs, save time

Our automated consumer and commercial loan reporting allows financial institutions to reduce the traditional costs of manual investor reporting and remitting, accelerating the time you deliver, receive, reconcile and ingest reports each month from several days (if not weeks) to a few hours.

Streamlined for your needs

LoanStreet’s monthly reports for consumer and commercial loan sales and purchases provide you access to:

Detailed, distinct records

View granular, loan-level payment information as well as summaries to support reconciliation for accounting and regulatory entries.

Discrepancy identification

Identify and resolve exceptions from counterparties that are virtually impossible to locate manually.

Unified data sets

Leverage and benefit from a single, unified model transforming unstructured, disjointed data sets from multiple distinct sources.

High-tech automation

Eliminate inefficient manual processes that lead to inaccuracies and high operational costs and, equally importantly, close your books on time!

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