Unprecedented insight into your loan portfolio​

LoanStreet’s Analytics suite reveals critical insight into your institution’s loan portfolio, giving decision makers unique, actionable business intelligence. With powerful visualization tools, you can view historical loan performance, as well as current trends to inform your institution’s loan origination and loan participation strategies.

LoanStreet Performance Analytics

Our powerful analytics suite is now available for your entire loan book, including the loans you directly originate or acquire in whole from third parties.

Equip your portfolio management team with the most advanced loan performance analytics available to give you greater control over your lending strategy and underwriting standards.

New insights, new opportunities

We clean and transform previously unstructured data for our analytics solutions, giving your team access to powerful and accurate performance tracking. Easily access, monitor and share essential metrics and performance reports to drive and align your institution’s loan portfolio strategy.

A complete view

Analyze your portfolio from the pool, asset class and portfolio-level view to gain a comprehensive and clear perspective on the performance of your loan underwriting and trading benchmarked against your initial investment expectations.

Portfolio optimization​

Our analytics are designed specifically with proactive balance sheet management in mind. Gain new insights by visualizing your loan portfolio’s diversity, projecting future loan performance and tracking changes to existing loan income.

An automated perspective

LoanStreet’s Loan Analytics solutions enable you to view:

IRR and scenario analysis

Stress tested and forecasted performance metrics, leveraging real historical data and user-adjusted estimates of future prepayment rates and charge-offs.

Prepayment calculations

Accurate month-to-month, rolling, and constant prepayment rates, including CPR or ABS methodologies.

Benchmark comparisons

Track the performance of your LoanStreet loans against other investments on the platform.

Cumulative charge-off rates

Analysis of past defaults and delinquency behaviors to reveal leading charge-off indicators.

Trend analysis

Views of each pool’s most critical trend characteristics over time and remaining beneficial life.

Pool and asset-level performance reports

Key analytical insights delivered in a polished, printable and presentation-ready Excel format for your key stakeholders.

Income analysis

Effects of return of principal, charge-offs and prepayments on monthly participation income.

Income ratios

Ratio of income over the amortized cost of your investment, with selectable methods to amortize the cost over the investment’s life.

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