LoanStreet Launches Corporate Loan Servicing Platform for Direct Lenders

The cloud-based solution brings together all corporate deal participants in one centralized location for unprecedented efficiency and collaboration.

NEW YORK, NY— February 14, 2024 — LoanStreet Inc., a leading technology provider for loan trading, reporting, analysis and servicing, announced the launch of its Corporate Loan Servicing platform for bilateral and syndicated corporate loan portfolios. 

“Enabling direct lenders, including private credit shops such as venture debt providers, with greater automation and lower administrative overhead has never been more important during this period of economic uncertainty,” said Ian Lampl, co-founder and CEO of LoanStreet. “Instead of thousands of Excel spreadsheets, emails and document management folders, LoanStreet offers lenders a single source of truth to track and manage their loans.”

As a modern, centralized framework designed to simplify corporate loan servicing, the SaaS platform provides:

  • Streamlined Workflows: LoanStreet consolidates traditionally manual processes with highly intuitive automated workflows, allowing direct lenders, servicers and agents to scale their business while minimizing operational costs.
  • Full Support for Any Loan Structure: Developed to support and automate the most complex loan features, including payment in kind (PIK), asset-based loans (ABL), revolving lines of credit, floating rates, non-pro rata, impaired credits, and complex fees.
  • All-in-One Solution: LoanStreet’s unified, secure technology stack helps efficiently manage servicing workflows while consolidating loan attributes, servicing details, and covenant documents in a single auditable location.
  • Single Source of Truth: The platform centralizes traditionally disparate information and enables permission-based, transparent access for all parties of a corporate loan, including borrowers, agents and investors, empowering direct lenders to easily administer and track more deals with fewer resources.

This unique and powerful software offering far exceeds the capabilities of any single core corporate loan software product available even to the largest global banks,” said Vinnie Farrell, VP of Commercial Lending at LoanStreet. 

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LoanStreet is a financial technology company that helps lenders optimize their balance sheets by buying and selling loans, analyzing performance and servicing commercial and corporate credits. Over 1,300 institutions leverage LoanStreet’s innovative solutions, from credit unions and community banks to private direct lenders.

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